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Mandela Day Alphabet Canvas

This collection of illustrations was created for Mandela Day 2015. There is an illustration for every letter of the alphabet, with the letter and word that corresponds to that illustration.

COMPANY: Rapidstudio

DATE: 18 July 2015 (Mandela Day)

SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS: Use of a minimum range of  colours & shades per illustration, Create varying degrees of painting difficulty, Using subjects that young children will easily recognise.


THE STORY: The canvases were to be used for team building events that took place at multiple companies as their contribution to 67 minutes for Mandela Day. Employees would each receive a canvas with a desaturated version of the illustration printed on it and a separate full colour copy of the original to use as reference. Employees were encouraged to bring family, help each other and have fun in this social team building event.

Once all the canvases were painted, they were donated to Flying Children which is a local charity that focuses on improving care for preschool children in under-served areas.

These photos were taken at the team building event and found on the Rapidstudio blog.